The history of Tobacco Road is deeply rooted in sporting rivalries.  The “Tobacco Road” also know as US Highway 70 existed as the central link that connected the major cities of the state’s Triangle region.  This region is home to a collection of the nation’s finest Universities including Wake Forest University, North Carolina State University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. It was through this close proximity that many of the area’s fiercest sporting rivals were born.  A relocation of Wake Forest to Winston Salem would briefly alter the landscape, yet the rivalries continue.  Today, Tobacco Road Futbol Club is proud to introduce the state’s newest professional soccer team to this historic sporting landscape.


Durham, North Carolina has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity – both from a commercial and residential development standpoint. As the fourth largest city in North Carolina, Durham is favorably located in the northeast corner of the world renowned Triangle area and maintains a population of 245,475 within its city limits. Durham is historically known as the “Bull City” – stemming from the post-civil war popularity of the trademarked bull mascot of the Bull Durham Tobacco Company. Durham has transformed from its manufacturing and farming roots into “The City of Medicine” and has become a highly regarded focal point in the health care, pharmaceutical and technology industries. Durham is also home to Duke University and Research Triangle Park.

Durham is home to eight thousand hotel rooms and welcomes over three hundred thousand visitors per year. Its resurgence as a destination city is strongly visible in the Food and Beverage sectors as Durham was recently named as “The South’s Tastiest Town” by Southern Living and is home to four James Beard Award Winning Chefs.

Durham has long been fiercely proud of its sporting history. The City is home to the Durham Bulls – an iconic AAA baseball franchise and serves as the centerpiece of various collegiate sporting rivalries spanning the ACC, MEAC and CIAA athletic conferences.

Tobacco Road FC is excited to represent the sporting landscape of Durham. Just as the city of Durham often gets lost in the shadows of the south’s larger cities, TRFC will embrace the underdog role as a newcomer to the local professional sports scene.


Tobacco Road FC has existed as a highly successful amateur program for many years in the Triangle Adult Soccer League. Originally founded by Drew Moss as Clockwork Orange the Club quickly became known to to be a home for ex-professionals and recent college graduates to maintain elite level competition.  Following Moss’s departure, the club was briefly led by Brad Acosta. After receiving new sponsorship, the club re-branded as Telepathic graphics In 2010. Under the leadership of Jimmy Willman, the club continued its winning ways throughout the region.

Founded on the wealth of high level talent in the state of North Carolina, the club has long ruled the Triangle Adult Soccer Association – one of the nations largest Amateur leagues – winning 15 of 21 biannual 1st division league championships from 2005 – present.

In 2014, the team transitioned to the leadership of Seth Kaplan and Cedric Burke with head coach Brian Wellman.  The club adjusted its training objectives and quickly won the North Carolina Amateur Championship with a goal differential of 19-2. Tobacco Road FC has continued the legacy of success on the field and throughout the region.  It looks forward to its next step as it embraces the challenges of joining and competing for the National Premier Soccer League championship.